Author: Amber Coleman

The objective of this tutorial is to suggest and prove that gaming is a viable educational trend that is used in today's educational setting.

Gaming is all around us from video games on Xbox and PlayStation to games that are brought to the classroom in order for concepts to be learned. It is how gaming is applied is the important aspect. Gaming is very fun, and it helps to engage students; however, it must be appropriate and applied correctly to a lesson in education. There are many ways to incorporate gaming into the classroom from online games to jeopardy games created from PowerPoint.

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Gaming in Education

Example Game for in the Classroom

This is a Louisiana History Jepoardy review game that can be changed for any subject area. This is a simple format that be used to help guide a review lesson for students. Gaming does not always have to be "online" in order for it to be considered technological. This game can help students to master key concepts in a lesson.