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Gathering Data/Sample Surveys

Gathering Data/Sample Surveys

Author: Al Greene

- Introduce sample, population, census, sampling frame and sampling variability
- Present the different sampling methods, providing examples of when it’s appropriate to use each one
- Provide examples that allow the learner a chance to practice determining choice of appropriate method

This packet introduces you to sample surveys, which are used very often. There are several methods that are presented, and you will be able to see when each situation is appropriate. You will also see problems that arise when trying to make samples representative of the population.

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What's in this packet

This packet has video of definitions, and an example that uses all of the terms defined. There is also a powerpoint with a definition of simple random sampling, and methods on getting random numbers. Some terms that may be new are:

  • Population
  • Sample
  • Census
  • Sampling Frame
  • Sampling Variability
  • Simple Random Sample

Source: Greene

Gathering Data

This powerpoint has all the definitions for this packet, as well as methods of getting random numbers from a random number table and a random number generator, such as Microsoft Excel.

Source: Greene

Sample Surveys

This video shows a basic example of population and sample, as well as other terms from the powerpoint.

Source: Greene

Getting a Sample

If you would like to see a video on actually getting units for a sample, please check out my other packet entitled Simple Random Sample (SRS).

Source: Greene