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Gender and Conflict Style

Gender and Conflict Style

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand that people associate certain conflict styles more strongly with women than with men (and vice versa) and that people often act "as expected to" by their culture in conflict

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Terms to Know

A conflict resolution style in which one party helps to meet another's needs at the expense of his or her own.


A conflict resolution style in which a party does not make any attempt to address or resolve the conflict.


A conflict resolution style in which parties work jointly to try to meet all of each others needs.


A conflict resolution style in which one party seeks to meet his or her own needs at the expense of another party's needs (sometimes also referred to as forcing).


A conflict resolution style in which parties agree to sacrifice some of their needs in exchange for having others met.

Gender Associated Conflict Style

A conflict style considered to be "right, proper, or correct" by a given culture of members of different genders to use/adopt.