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General Features of Bone

General Features of Bone

Author: Aaron Mullally

- Identify the epiphysis of long bones

-  Describe the role of articular cartilage and where its found

- Identify the diaphysis of long bones

- Identify and describe the bony composition of the diaphysis and epiphyses (compact and spongy)

- Identify the medullary cavity of long bones

- Identify what kind of bone marrow you find within the epiphysis and medullary cavity

-  Describe the role of the periosteum

- Describe the role of a nutrient foramen

- Remember what osteogenic cells are and that they are found on the underside of the periosteum

- terminology review: peri- surrounding, oste/o bone

- Describe how the periosteum aids in the healing of a fractured bone



After learning about the how bone develops you can now learn about the featurs on bones that come from development. Make sure you go through the two packets on bone development first:

Intramembranous ossification:

Endochondral ossification:

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Overview of Bone Features

After going through the previous packets highlighted above you will be ready to review these features of bones and understand the roles they play.

Epiphysis - enlarged end of a long bone, proximal ends of femur and humerus contain red bone marrow

Diaphysis - shaft of a long bone

Medullary cavity - hollow internal shaft of the diaphysis; filled with yellow marrow

Articular cartilage - hyaline cartilage on the epiphyses

Periosteum - CT covering on the bones filled with blood vessels, nerves, cells and lypmphatics. Important in nourishing and healing of bone

Nutrient foramen - opening in bones that vessels, nerves and lymphatics pass through

Compact bone: otherwise known as lamellar bone, found within the diaphysis

Spongy bone: otherwise known as cancellous bone, found within the epiphyses

Source: The mind of Aaron

Features of Bones

This video goes over the terms defined above, with images

Source: Self made with images from Marieb and

Bone Features and Bone Images (histology)

Here are some images of compact bone and a list of features to know