Genetic Probablility and Punnett Squares
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Genetic Probablility and Punnett Squares

Author: Aaron Mullally

This lesson will demonstrate how to use a punnett square to determine the genetic probability of a child inheriting a trait from the parents.

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  • Probability

    A measure of the chance of an outcome.

  • Punnett Square

    A tool used to determine the probability of offspring inheriting a trait based on the genotypes of both parents.

  • Genetic Trait

    A characteristic of an organism such as eye color, skin color, hair color, gender, body type, etc.

  • Phenotype

    The physical manifestation of the expression of an organism's genes.

  • Genotype

    The genes inherited by an organism which represent a trait.

  • Independent Assortment

    A law that states traits are inherited independently of one another; the inheritance of one trait does not influence the inheritance of another trait.