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Author: Nicolaas Strating

Know the structure of DNA.

Understand the use of Selective breeding.

A series of slides with Genetics related topics like DNA and selective breeding.

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Mendel, the GrandFather of Genetics

Introduction to the work of Gregor Mendel, giving some examples of easy to spot genetic variation like attached earlobes.

Source: slideshare, worldofteaching, Nicolaas Strating

DNA Structure

HW Mendelian Genetics

test your knowledge of Mendelian Genetics by answering this selection of challenging questions

Source: IGCSE



Natural Selection

Source: worldofteaching, slideshare, Nicolaas Strating

Selective Breeding of Farm Animals

Overview of some different breeds of common Farm Animals.

Source: worldofteaching, slideshare, Nicolaas Strating, Joost van Boven

Genetic Engineering and Cloning

An overview of some of possibilities of genetic engineering of bacteria, plants and animals, and an explanation of cloning.

Source: slideshare, worldofteaching, Nicolaas Strating