Genetics, Heredity, and Reproduction

Genetics, Heredity, and Reproduction

Author: Sheri Cole
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Sexual VS Asexual Concept Map

Create a concept map relating sexual and asexual reproduction using the slides provided in the power point.

Heredity, Genetics and Reproduction Review

This powerpoint is a review of everything we have covered about genetics, heredity, and reproduction. Use the powerpoint to complete the note sheet (or take notes on your own) to ensure you are ready for the upcoming exam.

Source: Sam Youts

Reproduction Vocabulary

Complete your vocabulary sheet (or on a sheet a paper) using the terms,definitions and examples provided in this short video. By the end of the video you should be able to:
1. compare and contrast sexual and asexual reproduction ang give examples of organisms that do each
2. list the benefits and limitations of both sexual and asexual reproduction
3.distinguish between the 3 types of asexual reproduction and give examples of each.

Punnett Square Review

Heredity Pt. 1 Vocab.

Watch and listen to this lesson and use it to complete the first 6 words on your heredity vocabualry sheet. If you have lost your sheet, write the the words and their definition (and the extension) on a sheet of paper. Bring your finished product to class tomorrow to work on the class activity.

Heredity Pt. 2