GEOG 101 Midterm Exam

GEOG 101 Midterm Exam

Author: Dannie Young


1.A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land bodies is known as a(n):
2. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
3. The North American region in which First Nations have the greatest interest is:
4. Which of the following is located in the Greater Antilles?
5. Which of the following statements is false?
6. Which of the following is false?
7. The North American region that is the largest and the least densely settled is the:
8. The most widely distributed language family does not include:
9. Despite its limited agricultural potential, Guatemalans are moving to a lowland area in the north of the country known as:
10.The capital of The Congo is:
11. In regional geography, relative location:
12. Which of the following cities is not the largest urban center in its country?
13. Which of the following major rivers is not associated with one of the world's great population clusters?
14. Which of the following regions is not located in Argentina?
15. The major mountain range located in the land corridor between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea is the:
16. Which of the following statements concerning the world's most widely distributed language family is incorrect?
70. Which of the following countries borders Lake Victoria?
71. Which of the following is a systematic subfield of geography?
72. ( 1 points) The vegetation on a higher-latitude treeless plain (mostly mosses, lichens, and sparse grasses) is known as:
73. Which of the following States contains territory located in the Intermontane Basin and Plateau physiographic province?
74. The North American region that is most dependent upon the extraction of raw materials is the:
75. Canada's primate city is:
76. The largest city in terms of population in Sub-Saharan Africa is?
77. The ethnic group exerting the most control in Kenya is the:
78. Which of the following is the smallest Central American country in terms of population?
79. Transculturation is most closely associated with the shaping of cultural traits in:
80. The major mountain range of the Pacific Northwest is the:

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