GEOG 101 Quiz 1

GEOG 101 Quiz 1

Author: Dannie Young


1. Which of the following is not an example of globalization?
2. The process by which a tectonic plate consisting of less heavy rock rides up over a heavier plate is known as:
3. The most widely distributed language family does not include:
4. The World Bank ranks countries within four groups. Which of the following is not one of those groups?
5. Water covers about _____ percent of the Earth's surface.
6. Which country is not located within one of the world's three largest population clusters
7. Savanna environments belong to the general climate type known as
8. Which of the following statements about D climates is incorrect?
9. States first began to develop:
10. Which of the following major rivers is not associated with one of the world's great population clusters?
11. Which of the following is a systematic subfield of geography?
12. A functional region
13. The European state model includes all of the following except:
14. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
15. The gradual reduction of regional contrasts resulting from increasing cultural, economic, political and other types of exchanges is known as:
16. The difference between formal and functional regions is:
17. The current interglacial period is known as the:
18. Which realm is not one of the core areas of the world:
19. This population cluster lies centered on China and includes the Pacific-facing Asian coastal zone from the Korean Peninsula to Vietnam.
20. Which water body is surrounded by a geologically-active Ring of Fire:
21. An index of regional disparity would be useful for examining:
22. In regional geography, relative location:
23. Rainfall patterns in humid tropical (A) climates are characterized by all except:
24. Which of the following statements concerning the world's most widely distributed language family is incorrect?
25. Which of the following statements about B climates is incorrect?

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