GEOG 101 Quiz 3

GEOG 101 Quiz 3

Author: Dannie Young


The most important crop raised in Cuba before the fall of the Soviet Union was:
Colombia's coffee growing areas are most often associated with the:
Which of the following countries contains a population whose ethnicity is dominated by Amerindian ancestry?
This country fought a civil war from 1980-1992 in which 75,000 persons died. The United States supported the government, while Nicaragua supported the Marxist rebels:
Which statement best defines the North American Core?
The peoples called Native Americans in the U.S. are called __________ in Canada.
One of the conditions of the entry of British Columbia into Canada was:
The Central American country where English is spoken, but where Spanish will eventually become the predominant language is:
Which of the following jobs belongs to the tertiary sector of the U.S. economy?
Which of the following States contains territory located in the Intermontane Basin and Plateau physiographic province?
Which of the following is one of Canada's Atlantic provinces?
In 1982 Argentina fought a war with Britain over:
Almost ____ percent of South Americans live in urban areas.
Which landlocked South American country stands to benefit most from the Hidrovia waterway project?
The major river of Venezuela's iron-rich eastern region is the:
The North Slope of Alaska contains large quantities of:
The North American region that is most dependent upon the extraction of raw materials is the:
Which of the following countries is located within the culture hearth known as Mesoamerica?
Which of the following is false?
Software Valley is found in which State?
A moderating influence on west-central Bolivia's climate is:
Which of the following political names is most closely associated with Argentina?
In Ecuador, a regional split has occurred between:
Unlike Peru's coast, Ecuador's coastland consists of:
As one travels north leaving South America, the first country encountered on the Central American land bridge is ________.

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