GeoGebra basics-algebra

GeoGebra basics-algebra


Learn the basics of GeoGebra-downloading, graphing and exporting to use your graphs in a Word or other document.

This packet consists of several short videos walking you through the basics of downloading and using GeoGebra in College Algebra, PreCalculus and Calculus.

NOTE: The version being demonstrated is GeoGebra v.3. Presently v.4 is most current. While v.4 is more fully featured, the basic functionality is identical. This guide should be adequate to get you up and running.

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Downloading GeoGebra

This video shows you how to download GeoGebra, and mentions which version you want for which purposes.

Making your first GeoGebra graph

This video shows you how to graph a basic equation and to adjust the axes in order to get the best view of the graph.

Reading values from the graph

This video shows you one method for reading values from a GeoGebra graph.

Putting your graph into your Word (or other) document

This video shows you how to put a graph you make in GeoGebra into a Word (or Pages or OpenOffice, etc.) document.