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GeoGebra basics-geometry

GeoGebra basics-geometry

Author: Christopher Danielson

To show brand-new GeoGebra users how to get started with the software from the beginning.

A series of video screencasts demonstrates the process of downloading, creating a geometry workspace and some do's and don't's of constructing in a dynamic geometry environment.

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This packet shows you how to get up and running with GeoGebra as a tool for doing dynamic geometry-from downloading to constructing your first triangle.

Downloading GeoGebra

This video describes the process of downloading GeoGebra to use on your computer.

Setting GeoGebra up to do geometry

This video points out that the initial GeoGebra window is set up for doing algebra, and it shows you how to make everything look nice to do geometry work.

How to construct a polygon

This video shows you how to use the Polygon tool, and it shows how the various tools in GeoGebra are set up.

How NOT to construct a polygon

This video shows you a common mistake people make in constructing polygons. Plus, it shows you an alternate way to do this task.

What next?

Now that you have constructed a polygon, you may find another packet on using GeoGebra to construct equilateral polygons a useful next step.