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Geogebra Tips

Geogebra Tips

Author: mary daunis

This packet is a collection of tips on how to use Geogebra for applications in college algebra.

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MAX on Geogebra

How to use the MAX function in Geogebra version 4 - otherwise just TRACE -

Piecewise Functions

Geogebra uses the IF[<condition>,<then>] command to split a domain for piecewise functions - enjoy!

Geogebra Workspace Settings

Fixing basic settings in the View, Perspectives, and Options menu

Copy and Paste Geogebra Graphics into a Document

Use "Graphics View to Clipboard" for COPY -

Intersection of Lines

Graph the lines with equations f(x)=17x+900 and g(x)=22x+700. Rescale the axes and find the intersection point of the two lines.