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4 Tutorials that teach Geometric Abstraction and Kinetic Art
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Geometric Abstraction and Kinetic Art

Geometric Abstraction and Kinetic Art

Author: Aleisha Olson

This lesson will explore Geometric Abstraction and Kinetic Art in Venezuela.

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Notes on "Geometric Abstraction and Kinetic Art"


Image of Torres-Garcia, Construction with Bell, Public Domain,; Image of Cruz-Diez, Physichromie 625, Fair Use According to Wikipaintings,; Image of Soto, Soto Sphere, Creative Commons,

Terms to Know
Constructive Universalism

A term attributed to the artwork of its originator Joaquin Torres Garcia (1874-1949) characterized by the artist’s combinations of different styles, movements and materials.

Geometric Abstraction

An art style or technique that is most often characterized by the use of non-representational geometric and spatial compositions.

Kinetic Art

A style of art that has moving parts.


Also called ‘the style’ - or De Stijl - characterized by qualities of planes, primary colors, and vertical and horizontal lines.


The characteristic of being able to be pierced or entered.


An art style or technique that is characterized by its use of colored screens, movement of the viewer, or light to create a wide range of tonal qualities.