Author: Nate Brown

The objective of this learning packet is to identify visual tools, such as the videos, to assist with Geometry assignments.   These videos demonstrate step by step instructions for solving the simplest to the most complex Geometry problem.  Near the end of  the packet, there is a video presentation to provide some information of what geometry exactly is.

This packet will demonstrate various ways educators can integrate visual learning  tools, such as video tutorials, within a Geometry classroom.  Geometry is mainly about identifying shapes and being able to use the particular formulas to solve for angles. It is one of the oldest mathematical sciences and is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. Incorporating visual tools within the classroom helps students to learn concepts with ease.  The advantage of the visual tools within this packet is being able to use the videos as a crutch as well as have access to more tutorials along with the current demonstration.  Not only instructors, but students, will be provided unlimited resources at their own leisure time.  Therefore, the time constraint in the classroom will be balanced from the time in the classroom to time outside of the classroom.

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