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What are Geometric Transformations?

There are three transformations in Geometry: rotation, reflection, and translation. Regardless of the transformation, each shape will always have the same size, area, angles, and line lengths. The shapes will always be congruent. A rotation means turning around a center. A reflection can be described as a mirror effect. A translation means to move the object/image, without rotating or reflecting. 




Geometric Transformations Video

Geometric Transformations Quiz

This quiz will be given tomorrow in class, so you can review and complete it now if you would like as practice. Good luck!


For tomorrow's class, we will recap what Geometric Transformations are. You will then be given the quiz used above to ensure you have done your homework. It will not be in the same order so please do not memorize answers! The quiz will not be used as a grade, but rather as a way for me to know that you are understanding and have done your homework. After the quiz, we will practice transformations until everyone fully understands.See you tomorrow!