Geometry: Unit 3: Day 1: Bisectors

Geometry: Unit 3: Day 1: Bisectors

Author: Kym Riggins

GEOM.2A TSWBAT Apply constructions to explore attributes of geometric figures and to make conjectures about geometric relationships by copying an angle and a segment using various construction techniques such as paper folding, computer programs, compass, and straightedge.

GEOM.9B TSWBAT Formulate and test conjectures about the properties and attributes of polygons and their component parts, including diagonals, interior and exterior angles, sides, and vertices, based on explorations and concrete models.  English

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Geometry: IMN Notes on page 81

Notes about Perpendicular Bisectors

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Video about Geometry: Unit 3: Day 1: Bisectors

from 5.2, and 5.3 in the Textbook; Notes on page 81 in the IMN

HW Assessment: G: U3: D1: Bisectors

from 5.2, 5.3 in the Textbook. Notes on page 81 in the IMN;