Geometry: Unit 3: Day 2: Properties of Bisectors

Geometry: Unit 3: Day 2: Properties of Bisectors

Author: Kym Riggins

GEOM.3B TSWBAT Construct and justify statements about geometric figures including triangles, quadrilaterals, regular polygons, and circles, and their properties.

GEOM.3E TSWBAT Use deductive reasoning to prove a statement.

GEOM.9B TSWBAT Formulate and test conjectures about the properties and attributes of polygons and their component parts, including diagonals, interior and exterior angles, sides, and vertices, based on explorations and concrete models

In this tutorial we will look at (and prove) the properties of perpendicular bisectors and angle bisectors.

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pg 81

Notes on page 81 (Perpendicular Bisector Theorem)

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pg 83

Notes on page 83 (Angle Bisector Theorem)

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Geometry: Unit 3: Day 2: Properties of Bisectors

from 5.2 and 5.3 in the Textbook; Notes on pages 81 and 83; HW Assesment at http://goo.gl/br1voQ

HW Assessment of G: U3: D2: Properties of Bisectors

HW Assessment (http://goo.gl/br1voQ) from Video and 5.2, 5.3 in the textbook and pages 81 and 83 in the Notes;