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Geometry with Google Maps (Pre-AP)

Geometry with Google Maps (Pre-AP)

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Develop formulas for triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and regular polygons.
  2. Recognize complex two-dimensional shapes as combinations of regular polygons.
  3. Recognize the conceptual difference between one-dimensional and two-dimensional measurements.

The general goal of this mini unit is to provide students with a meaningful context for geometric measurement.  Students will work through a few different “real-life” problems by using Google Maps and the appropriate geometric formulae.  They will then come up with a community improvement idea and share it with the class.  Students will discuss the geometric calculations needed to complete the project.

Length of time needed: 5 class periods (55 minutes each)

This lesson was written by Ryan Backman.

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Lesson Plan

This lesson plan can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF document. If you would like to edit this document for your classroom needs, go to the "Handouts and Materials" section and click on the corresponding link.


Source: Ryan Backman

Handouts and Materials

The following files can be downloaded to your computer:

Lesson Plan (Word document)

Summative Assessment (Word document)

Project (Word document)

Rubric (Word document)

Source: Ryan Backman