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HS-ESS2-2. Analyze geoscience data to make the claim that one change to Earth's surface can create feedbacks that cause changes to other Earth systems.

This lesson is designed for high school age students (grades 9-12). These high school age students are going to be specifically geoscience students. The subject of this assignment is volcanoes and how these volcanoes have affected or do affect our climate.

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Big Question:

How have volcanoes affected the climate?

Mt. Tambora

This website describes how the eruption of Mt. Tambora created a genetic bottleneck that almost caused the extinction of all humans on Earth.

Source: How Human Beings Almost Vanished From Earth In 70,000 B.C. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2015, from

Super Volcanoes and Climate

This video will help you understand the key impacts that volcanoes have made on climate throughout history.

Source: The colossal consequences of supervolcanoes - Alex Gendler. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2015, from

Exploring the Environment

Use this source on volcanoes and climate to gather information that will be needed throughout this lesson and during the quiz.

Source: Volcanoes and climate. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2015, from

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics general explanation. If you do not remember how plate tectonics works, refer to this video for help.