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Gerald in NG+

Gerald in NG+


To illustrate what the character Gerald will be in NG+, the second iteration of DS2's complicated algorithm.

This lesson aims to define the parameters of the character Gerald's statistics list.

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This is what Gerald do:


Source: Peeve "Parry-The-World" Peeverson


This is the Official Dark Souls 2 clock...

Source: Hidetaka "DLC-Master" Miyazaki

List of Stats/Weapons for a Level 150 (To Be Adjusted)

He will stay low weight for good rolls, decent AGL, and amazing crits. Parry using Parrying Dagger (+10). Pretty much the maximum damage riposte, using a Dagger. Engraved gauntlets to boost normal damage if possible. If not, probably Jester's.

Class - Deprived            Level - 150

Vigor - 27            ​Endurance - 22            Vitality - 22            Attunement - 22            Strength - 22

Dexterity - 22            Adaptability - 22            Intelligence - 22            Faith - 22


RH: Mundane Dagger +10
LH1: Parrying Dagger +10
LH2: Black Witch's Staff +10


Hunter's Hat +10
Faraam Armor +10 (?)
Engraved gauntlets +5
Jester's Tights +10

Third Dragon Ring

Ring of Blades +1

Chloranthy Ring +1

Bracing Knuckle +1/Covetous Silver Serpent +1


Dark Weapon

Sacred Oath


Chameleon (PvP)


Source: Gyrm "lolzsterpants" Axe-Thrower

Parrying a Boss like a BOSS

That is what Gerald do.

Source: Marshal "Low-Durability" Jahnke