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German Present Perfect (das Perfekt)

German Present Perfect (das Perfekt)

Author: Steve Sebald

Students will be able to understand how the Present Perfect Past Tense (das Perfekt) is formed in German.  They will be able to compare the formation to past tense formation in English as well as how to decide when to choose the correct helping verb.  Students will be able to identify das Perfekt and the correct helping verbs in a paragraph.

Introduction of das Perfekt in German.  Included are formations of strong, weak, and mixed verbs, explanation of helping verbs and which one to choose and an activity to identify das Perfekt in a paragraph.  This lesson acts as a springboard to learning and understanding the past tense and gives students a base on where and how to study and understand das Perfekt.

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Das Perfekt Introduction

Introduction to past tense in German. How to form past tense with strong, weak, and mixed verbs.

Extra das Perfekt Practice

If you feel like you need practice forming participles and choosing the correct helping verbs, complete this practice.  You will find out if you are right or wrong at the bottom of the page after you click submit.