Gestures play important role in movies

Gestures play important role in movies

Author: jenifer james

The birth of cinema dates back to those days when the entire plotline had to be translated through gestures or movements of limbs. Yes, it was the silent era that formed the basis of cinema, and it was also the age that taught the filmmakers the importance of every move of the characters within a film. The movies of silent era were entirely dependent on the facial expressions, or the bodily actions of the main leads to connect with the audience. With no trace of dialogues, perfection in every movement was of paramount importance.

A single glitch in the body language of the characters was like a killer blow to the entire flow of the plot. It was because of that reason, filmmakers of yesteryears used to instruct the performers to rehearse every bit of the events before facing the camera for the actual acts. The norm has been followed over the years, and you might still find Hollywood stars opting to play a role alongside Jackie Chan in an action movie, while considering a three-month martial arts training to hone the ability to carry out the right punches and kicks.

Not just action movies, almost all the genres take body language as an important aspect to strike a connection with the audience. With talkies having the advantage of dialogues, the importance of exhibiting immaculate gestures can’t be written off completely.

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