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Get to know your Mac

Get to know your Mac

Author: Russell Kahle
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Trackpad Basics

Good summary of all of the ways to use your trackpad.

Source: AlarisIT, Apple House

Multiple Desktops

You can have multiple desktops to help organize your different projects.

Source: Janet Woods

What are the buttons on top of my windows?

The Red Button Closes the window. This does NOT close the application.

The Yellow Button Minimizes the window in the Dock.

The Green Button Maximizes the window.

 **If you change the size of window by dragging the side or corners, it will toggle between the maximum window size and the one you created**


How to Force Quit

Sometimes you will get the spinning wheel of death.  

This usually means the application is stuck so you either try to wait or Force Quit the application.  There are 2 ways to Force Quit. 

  1. Two finger click on the application in your dock.  Hold the Option key on your keyboard to change Quit to Force Quit.

     2. Hold Option + Command + Esc to bring up the Force Quit Menu.  

            Select the app that is stuck and click on Force Quit




















Built in Search Engine

Spotlight is on the right of the top menu. Use it find files quickly.

Source: Micro Center

Messages App

**This is optional** If you are more comfortable with just sending email skip this step. Otherwise, let's setup your messages app with your school email account.

Once you open Messages, Hit Not Now for putting in an Apple ID and then Skip.