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Getting Collaborative With Google Docs

Getting Collaborative With Google Docs

Author: Jared Wastler

Participants will learn to:

1. Create a basic document using Google Docs

2. Utilize the research elements within Google Docs

3. Share and collaborate on a Google Doc

As we begin moving towards a collaborative environment we must look to the tools that assist us in these efforts. Settling for substitution rather than moving towards augmentation is no longer a viable option (SAMR Model). This tutorial will help you understand the basics of using Google Docs to promote collaboration within your classroom and professional learning communities.

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Getting Started With Google

Before you begin...

1. Create a Google account (if you have not done so already)

  • Make sure your Google account is professional (this will also be the basis for your Gmail Account)
  • Record your password somewhere you will remember it

Creating a Google Doc

Basic tutorial on how to create a Google Doc

Using the Research Option in Google Docs

Basic tutorial video on how to utilize the research function in Google Docs

Sharing and Commenting in a Google Doc

Basic tutorial on how to share and comment with Google Docs