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Getting Motivated

Getting Motivated

Author: Kristina Jacobs

To help learners get motivated

This packet talks about motivation, what motivates us and how to get motivated to learn or do anything!

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Keys to Getting Motivated & Staying Motivated


1. Know your purpose & find your passion.

2. Pick goals that match your personal values and morals.

3. Set SMART goals. (See packet on Goal Setting to learn more about SMART goals).

4. Tell the world about your goals and get some support.

5. Find a buddy to help you when you are struggling with your goals.

6. Commit to learning from your mistakes and trying again and again to succeed.

7. Start again after you fail at your goal. It isn't the end of the world. You can still succeed.

8. Know what motivates you, surround yourself with inspirational books, CD's, television and people.

Source: Kristina Blasen

Tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated

Tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated

Tony Robbins, professional motivational speaker

Tony Robbins, professional motivational speaker, on understanding what motivates us (22 minutes)

Motivational Quotes

This is a slide show with 26 motivational quotes to inspire you to get motivated.