Getting Started with AutoCAD

Getting Started with AutoCAD


Be able to:

  • Navigate the AutoCAD interface
  • Use various Selection Methods
  • Understand the Basic Commands
  • Use various coordinate systems and methods for exact point entry.

This tutorial takes you through the Interface, Selection Methods, Basic Commands and Coordinate systems used in AutoCAD.

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You can download a Student version of AutoCAD from the Student Community.

Use This File for the Geometric Construction Practice

AutoCAD Interface

This Video goes over the user interface in AutoCAD. It goes over the different parts and organization of the screen and ribbon.

Selection Methods

This Video goes over different Selection methods in AutoCAD

Basic Commands

This video goes over some of the basic commands and options used to create drawings. It includes Line, Circle, Move, and Object Snaps.


This video goes over coordinate systems in AutoCAD.

Geometric Construction Practice

This video goes guides you through completing the geometric constructions in Practice 0 (file below)