Getting Started with Gradebook

Getting Started with Gradebook

Author: Jessica Powell

To demonstrate for the teachers in Huntsville Independent School District how to register, set up, and launch their txEIS Gradebook for the 2013-2014 school year.

These slide shows and videos comprise the basic how-tos for registering for and using your txEIS Gradebook this year. These materials are the ones used during the mandatory BTS Conference. Please contact itechs@huntsville-isd.org for any questions.

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Registering as a New User

Source: Created by dcruse@huntsville-isd.org via Google Docs

How to Group Courses in Gradebook

Source: Recorded by Jessica Powell using Jing and Screencast.com

Setting up Gradebook

Source: Created by dcruse@huntsville-isd.org via Google Docs