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Getting Started with Quizlet

Getting Started with Quizlet

Author: Courtney Durvesh
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Quizlet is an online flashcard program. Also available as an app! Teachers can create flashcard sets with terms and definitions. Students can also create their own sets for self-study or an assignment.

To use a set, go to You'll see the home page. In the blue bar at the top, type in the set you want to practice with. 

The teacher could also give you a shareable link to a specific set, or a specific title to search for. Let's use a history theme:

Click on a set to look through the flashcards. Once you pick a set you'd like to study with, you can select how you'd like to learn/study. Quizlet has 7 options for this:

Students can now choose how they would like to study. If they like traditional flashcards, select that option. They can choose whether to first see the term or definition, as well as star flashcards they need more practice with. Maybe students learn better by matching, or taking a practice test with the material. If a student prefers auditory input, they can choose the Spell option where they'll hear it, then have to type it out. 

When looking at a set signed in with a teacher's account, there is an 8th option: Quizlet Live. Students enter their names and are put into teams. Then teams compete to get 12 questions correct in a row to win. This is great to make sure all students are participating and getting exposure to the content.

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