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Getting the "Flipped" Buy-In

Getting the "Flipped" Buy-In

Author: Shawn Hampt

Determine how to ignite enthusiasm for the FLIPPED Classroom learning style among students AND their parents

Illustrate the benefits of the FLIPPED CLASSROOM

Emphasize the concept of flexibility

Understanding that a paradigm shift doesn't jsut effect the teacher and student, an educator looking to FLIP their classroom will want it to be as successful as possible and the key to that success is communication.  Parents and administrators may not understand the concept at first, thus the teacher should be proactive in informing as many stakeholders in education as possible. Proactive communication between teacher and students, parents, administrators, and even other teachers will be paramount in making this paradigm shift as smooth as possible.

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Getting FLIPPED!

Introduction to a PD session for fellow high school educators about the FLIPPED classroom!