Getting to Know You! (Me!)

Getting to Know You! (Me!)


Students will come to understand that the basis of good acting is the ability to know themselves. To do this they must "open up" fearlessly!

Students will watch YouTube video of "The King & I"

Mrs. Hansen will share dvd of herself and family.

Mrs. Hansen will show pics of the show she directed at Guyer Theatre: Joseph and the Amazing...

Hand out All about Me sheets and review the expectations for their presentations.

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"Getting to Know You" from "The King & I"

Marni Nixon singing "Getting to Know You" for Deborah Kerr from "The King & I"

Source: YouTube video

All About Me

This is a worksheet that the students will fill out and present to the class tomorrow. Not only will we learn about them, but hopefully it will allow the students to consider "who they are" as well.

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