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Gilded Age & Populism Review

Gilded Age & Populism Review

Author: Alan Brown

To quickly review where US I left off, and set the stage for our coming discussions of US Imperialism and the Progressive Era

Students will view a short video summarizing key points from the Gilded Age and Populist Movement towards the end of the 19th century.

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Below you will find two short video clips, which we will use to refresh our memories about two key topics you learned about at the end of last year with 

The first covers the Gilded Age and Populism, and the second will briefly present evidence that the Wizard of Oz, published in 1900, serves as an interesting parable of the populist movment.


Once you have viewed the clips, please respond to the questions below.

Gilded Age Politics: Crash Course

Summary of the Gilded Age and the Populist Movement

The Wizard of Oz: Social Commentary on the Populist Movement

Proof that the Wizard of Oz is a parable on Populism?

Questions for the Video Clips

Please answer and submit.

Source: Alan Brown