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Author: Devin Ginty

7th Grade Physical Education Standard 2.6: Diagram and demonstrate basic offensive and defensive strategies for individual and dual

physical activities.

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Learning Objective/Goal

Students will be able to demonstrate basic offensive and defensive strategies for the team physical activity of basketball.

Instructions & Big Question

Please access the following links to study different strategies associated with the game of basketball. You will be quizzed on the information in the links and videos.

The Big Question will be turned in to the teacher at the end of the lesson as a written paragraph for closure:

What is your favorite strategy that you think will be the most effective and why?

Web Links to articles:

Offense -

Defense -

Basic Motion Offense

Man-to-Man Defense

Exit Ticket/Big Question

After studying the strategies presented please complete the quiz.

Your exit ticket will be a written paragraph answering this Big Question:

What is your favorite strategy that you think will be most effective and why?