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Global Collaboration - INTC Stockton

Global Collaboration - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

For pre-service and in-service teachers to gain knowledge of how to integrate global connections into their lessons.

This tutorial provides background information and resources to assist teachers with integrating global connections into their learning environments.

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GlobalEdCon Online Conference

Join the free online conference GlobalEdCon from November 16 through Thursday, November 19, 2015. View at least two of the sessions, preferably at least one live while it is happening. Sign up at:


Getting Started

This short Edutopia blog post by Lisa Dabbs gives some good tips on how to get started as a teacher new to global collaboration -

Skype in the Classroom connects classes in California, South Korea and Canada

Skype in the classroom bridges the distance between countries as students from the US meet with students from South Korea and Canada.

International Webcasts Connect Students Around The World

Science starts with asking questions..." says teacher, Dana Clark, from Dallas, Texas, during the second of two interactive webinars organized by the NSF-supported PolarConnect project during GLOBE's 2012 Learning Expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Scenes from the ascent of the tallest mountain in Africa and the transition from biome to biome are narrated by students from the United States and Tanzania, and questions from Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, South Africa and the USA are answered with stories and data.

IWB for global collaboration, Italy

The video has been created by the European Schoolnet's Interactive Classroom Working Group. The series of videos presents different ways of using ICT to enchange teaching and learning. In this video Francesca Panzica, an English teacher at the school of Santa Maria a Castagnolo, Italy tells us how she is using interactive whiteboards and other technology to reinforce collaboration in classroom and beyond it.


The following sites connect you with organizations that foster connections with teachers and their students around the globe:

Flat Connections -

Global SchoolNet -

Skype in the Classroom -


ePals -

Global Classroom Project -

Mystery Skypes -