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Global marketing management, marketing homework help

Global marketing management, marketing homework help

Author: michael ritchey

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Before you can create a marketing strategy for a firm, you have to analyze the external and internal environments in which the firm exists. This will help you create lists of possible opportunities that your company can pursue for growth. To practice this skill, you will analyze the environment for Wilmington University.
Complete a PESTEL analysis (Ch. 3, Analyzing the Macroenvironment, pgs. 72 to 84)
Complete a SWOT (Ch. 2, pgs. 49 to 52) analysis
List three recommendations the University might follow to insure future growth.
Essay expectations: One page, double spaced, 10-12 font Times New Roman. The best essays will reflect thorough analysis of the topic with conclusions that are supported by references to text or other marketing resources. References should be cited. The rubric for the week 2 though week 6 essays is provided here, as well as in Blackboard. The week 1 essay is a PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis.

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