Globalization - Did You Know?

Globalization - Did You Know?

Author: Alan Brown

Some Background on Globalization and our Modern World

Interesting facts and figures from 2103

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Did You Know - Globalization

Watch the short video, and then prepare to answer the questions that follow in our next class.

Did You Know?

Interesting facts about our world

Questions to think about for next class

1. The video notes how many searches are entered monthly into Google, and then asks "to whom these questions were addressed B.G.?  What do you think?

2. The video presents several pieces of information that contrast realities in the United States to what is happening in China and India (education, birthrate, etc...)  Which of these points is most interesting to you?

3. The video compares some social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook, to existing nations.  Are these comparisons appropriate?  Fair?  Insightful?

Source: Alan Brown