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Glogster: Mystery of Research, Step-by-step Instructions

Glogster: Mystery of Research, Step-by-step Instructions

Author: Ruth Kaiser

The student will use Glogster to complete a Detective's Report for an assigned suspect in a Mystery of Research activity.

This tutorial will consist of a series of videos showing and explaining all the steps necessary to complete the assigned Glogster project. Review videos as often as necessary.

Videos will continue to be added to the tutorial until all steps have been covered.

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Step #1: Starting Assigned Project & Saving

The video shows how to begin a project and the steps to save it to work on again later.

Step #2: Research Location of Suspect's Birth

Each suspect gives information about when he or she was born. Use MapQuest to find out if the city is located where the suspect claims it to be.

Step #3: Research the Suspect's Year of Birth

This video shows how to complete information regarding the suspect's year of birth. It also includes important information about searching for your answers online.

Step #4: Researching Additional Information

Demonstration video showing how to complete additional information about the suspect. This is information that can be researched.

Step #5: Final Steps

The final steps vary slightly depending on whether or not your suspect is guilty.