Glue Lessons!

Glue Lessons!

Author: Jenise Lonergan

Children will learn to use glue with control.

Children come to kindergarten with a variety of prior experience with using glue.  Explicitly teaching how to use glue is important so all the children know the routines and procures involved.

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Important Prep Work!

Once school supplies are gathered, pop the orange tops off of all the glue bottles and, with a q-tip, apply Vaseline to the insides of the orange tips.  Then replace all the kids.  Now you are set for the year... No clogs!

Glue Lesson!

Start with a song!  "School Glue" by Joe Scruggs

Meet your glue bottle!

Show a glue bottle and show/discuss parts of the bottle and what each one does.


Glue Rules:


Squeeze with control





You are the boss of your glue!

A dot is a lot!

A puddle is a muddle!


Move to learning tables.

Pass out glue bottles and have children point to the parts: tip, lock, lid, bottle, glue line

Supervise children as they begin making dots on construction paper


*Each day re-teach the glue rules before moving to a variety of glue exploration activities!   






2 fun books to read while teaching glue rules!