GO! - Access Chapter 3: Homework Project 3 Career Books

GO! - Access Chapter 3: Homework Project 3 Career Books

Author: matthew stock


Career Books
Project Description:
In this project, you will use a database to track publishers and book titles that assist students in finding employment. You will create forms, add and delete records by using a form, filter records, and modify a form in Layout view and Design view. You will create reports, modify a report in Layout view and Design view, group data in a report, and keep grouped data together for a printed report.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Start Access. Open the downloaded file namedgo_a03_grader_h3_Career_Books, and then enable the content. View the relationship between the Publishers table and the Career Books table. One publisher can publish many career books. Close the Relationships window.



Use the Form tool to create a form based on the Career Books table. Save the form as Career Book Form and then display the form in Form view. Using the Career Book Form, add the following new record to the underlying Career Books table:Field                            Data
Title ID                        T-25
Title                           Effective Networking
Author Last Name        Nunez
Author First Name       Charlene
Publisher ID                PUB-109
Category                     Job Search
Copies On Hand           6
Value of Books            180



Find the record for the Title ID of T-19, and then delete the record. Find the record for the Title ID of T-25. From the Print dialog box and the Setup option, change the column size width of a printed form to 7.5 inches. Save the form.



Use the Filter By Form tool to create a filter for the Career Book Form that displays records with a Category ofInterviewing Strategies or Resumes. After verifying that 10 records match the filter criteria, toggle the filter off to display all 24 records. Save and close the form.



Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the Publishers table. Add the following fields (in this order) to the form: Company Name, Rep Last Name, Rep First Name, Job Title, and Phone Number. Apply a columnar layout and name the form Publisher Form.



With the Publisher Form displayed in Layout view, apply the Stacked layout to all of the controls. Apply the Integral theme to this form only. Select the title—Publisher Form. Change the font size to 16, apply bold, and change the font color to Dark Teal, Text 2, Darker 50% (under Theme Colors, in the fourth column, the last color). Save the form.


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