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God Promises, So What?

God Promises, So What?

Author: Ruth Bonet

This lesson focuses on the importance on the promises of God and why it matters to a Bible believing Christian. 

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This lesson takes a look at the promises of God and what it means for the Bible believing Christian. Accepting and living out God's promises is the key foundation for experiencing God in a personal daily way. His promises teaches us to accept that what He says He will do, He will do, because we have learned to accept Him for who He says He is. This leads us into a deeper love relationship with God.   


Below there are two links provided that looks into the promises of God. The first link are verses on the faithfulness of God. The second link are different promises that God has made to us in the Bible.  

Verses on God's Faithfulness:

Verses on the Promises of God:

Also, there is a YouTube video that expands on the promises of God and the implications that promises have in a personal and communal context. 

A Few of God's Promises in the Bible

Trusting God's Promises

Watch this video that goes over why people may have challenges in accepting God's promises.

Promises of God Worksheet

This worksheet asks reflective questions on the student's position about the promises of God.



In the worksheet, you were asked to pick verses of God's promises that were applicable to you in the current situation that you found yourself in. Memorize the verses. Challenge God on His promises. Humbly submit yourself to Him, ask Him for His Spirit to lead you, ask Him to keep your eyes, heart, and mind open to see how He will uphold His promise to you this year. Keep a journal and make note of when you notice how God is keeping His promise to you. It doesn't matter if it is big or small, make a note of it. Enjoy experiencing God everyday.