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Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Author: Liz De Boer

Students will be able to write a one page essay on how the gold rush affected different groups of people who lived in California prior to the Gold Rush. Students will be able to identify changes the Gold Rush had on the physical environment and daily life in California.

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How the Gold Rush effected diverse groups?

"BIG PICTURE" Question


Please answer the following in a persuasive one page essay. How did the Gold Rush effect the people who were in California before the Gold Rush (Californios, Native Americans)?


Gold Rush Video - Looney Toons

Watch this video in order to visually see what life could have been like for miners.

More background on the Gold Rush - especially on the physical environment of California.


California State Standard

CA Social Studies Standard: 4.3.3: Analyze the effects of the Gold Rush on settlements, daily life, politics, and the physical environment.


Gold Rush Timeline

Click here to learn important dates about the Gold Rush.

Effects of the Gold Rush

Read this webpage with information on how the Gold Rush directly affected California.