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Goobric and Doctopus in Google Sheets

Goobric and Doctopus in Google Sheets

Author: Cindy Powell

Students (teachers, in this case) will be able to activate this extension and script to enhance the grading of their students' digital assignments. These tools work only on Google's Chrome browser.

This Tutorial is for teachers who collect assignments from their students using Google Drive. There are 2 tools whih can help: Goobric and Doctopus. Goobric is an extension which functions in Sheets. Sheets is the Google spreadsheet which records Forms entries. A dropbox for assignments can be setup with Forms. After students submit the assignment the teacher can use the Goobric assigned rubric (also in Sheets) to grade the assignment. Doctopus is a script you can add to Sheets which allows you to assign Goobric to certain spreadsheets.

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Teacher Helps When Scoring Student Digital Assignments and Projects

Flipped Classrooms, Project Based Learning Projects, and Online Collaboration usually have rubrics involved in their assessment process. The tools in this lesson will help you with this assessment.

One useful tool is Rubistar which helps you create a rubric with hundreds of templates that can be customized. These rubrics can be downloaded into Excel, but another way would be to store them in Sheets in Google Drive. If you choose the second option there are additional tools which will let you grade and communicate with the student.

The following video gives directions on using Goobric which is an extension available at the Chrome Store. This extension adds your rubric to the assignment it assesses, and also adds this score to the assignment so that students have a copy of the grade. It allows then to edit, you to reassess and then amends the assignment again.

Doctopus is a script which can be added to your Sheets spplication. This script allows Goobric to work with your speadsheet. The script was created by Andrew Sillman.

Both of these add-ons require you to give some permissions in order for them to work.

Main Instuctions

This video has the main instructions for using these tools to assess students' digital work using a rubric called Goobric.

Source: YouTube video by Jay Atwood

Getting Script, Doctopus

The video is to show you how to add a script to your Sheets page. the example is in Docs, but the process and store are the same. You are looking for Doctopus...but the one in the video is good for other things.

Source: YouTube video by the Google Gooru

How to Make a Google Form

You need to know about Google Forms for collecting student work or you can set up your own spreadsheet in Sheets.

Source: YouTube video by Anson Alexander

Digital Dropbox in Forms

This video is an example of a Form that has been set-up as a digital dropbox. The longer directions for Forms are in the previous video.

Source: YouTube video by Stephanie Ryon

Steps for Using These Tools

  • Acquire all the tools and add them to Google Chrome browser and Google Sheets.
  • Create an assignment which can be sent to you in a Google Forms or for which you will create a spreadsheet in Sheets.
  • Create a rubric and upload it to Google Sheets.
  • Make the assignment and have students submit it.
  • Grade the assignment.
  • Return the results to your students.

Source: Produced by Cindy Powell

Citations Google Gooru video about adding scripts.

     Jay Atwood's video on scoring assignments with Goobric.  
      Anson Alexander's video showing how to create a Google                     Forms

     Stephanie Ryon's video showing a digital dropbox created                      in Google Forms.

Additional Information

Another helpful video on setting up a group project in Doctopus is here: It is offered by Gary Johnston who shared it with an Edmodo group.

New video with the add-ons tab in Sheets created by Jay Atwood. This one just has new features of Doctopus that you might like to view to help with understanding our featured tutorial

Source: You Tube videos