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Google Apps For Education: The Apps

Google Apps For Education: The Apps

Author: Melissa Hardaway

This tutorial will give a more in depth look at the free apps that Google Apps for Education offers.

There are plenty of reasons to love Google Apps for Education.  It can make collaborative projects between teachers and students extremely easy and up to the minute.  25GB of email storage is free and has Google's amazing search engine to easily filter through emails. Google Groups allows students and teachers to communicate without having to be at the same place at the same time.

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Google Docs

Demonstration of Google Docs.

Google Docs


Google docs is an easy and free way for students, teachers, and administrators to back up their files and to share them with one another.  Students could easily turn in their homework to their teacher with Google docs.  They could also collaborate on a project together on the same file at the same time. 



Google Docs is completely integrated with Gmail, so sharing documents among fellow students, teachers, or administrators is easy and has a built in functionality in Google docs.  Google docs is web based, so you can work on your documents from almost anywhere that has a web browser without having to purchase an office suite. Collaboration on documents is easy.  Sharing a document with others on Google docs means that everyone will always have the latest version of that document.



Google docs is a great way for students and teachers to use project collaboration.  Google docs is also an easy way to back up important files and documents for safekeeping or sharing.

Google Groups in Google Apps

Product demo of Google Groups.

Google Groups


Google groups is a way for teachers and students to communicate and share documents, videos, and calendars.  It is fully integrated into Google Apps for Education, so the users will only have to remember one login for all of their applications. 


Google groups is a forum that students and teachers can create and manage themselves.  This will relieve the need for IT staff to have to regulate discussions.   Google groups allows for a school district to have an online community and instantaneous conversations with one another that are easily archived.  Searching through groups will eliminate the need for questions to be answered over and over again to individuals.  The community of support will help teachers to get help from one another and to learn from one another. 


Google groups is a great way to foster online relationships between teachers and students in support groups.  Users will learn from one another and also share knowledge and support for each other when resources are sparse.



Gmail is more than just email.  Gmail is free email, instant messaging, and video chat all hosted on Google’s servers.  Gmail is only one part of Google Apps for Education.  



There are many perks to having your schools use Gmail, but here are a few.  


  • 25GB of email storage
  • Video Conferencing
  • Customized with school’s logo and colors
  • Web based
  • Mobile accessible
  • Powerful spam and virus filter
  • Administrators can specify rules for communication
  • Google Calendar is integrated



Using Gmail is a logical and cost effective (free) way for schools to have a spam filtered communication.  This project will use Gmail to initiate Google Apps for Education into the district.