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Google Chrome for Middle School Math

Google Chrome for Middle School Math

Author: Valerie Buck

Teacher with enthusiasm for integrating technology into Middle School Pre-Algebra class shares with other teachers strategies for the use of Google Chrome for collaboration, student created products, and evaluation of student work. 

Google Chrome has many uses for teachers. I have found many ways to utilize Chrome in my day to day activities. First, I used Google Drive to create a spreadsheet for lesson plans. I created a column for each of the items I would normally list out in my plan book and a row for each day. Hyperlinks allowed me to attach the materials and documents saved to our district website. I was able to share and enable editing for my grade level team. Each day I can open one document and everything I need (presentation, homework, answer keys, list of key terms, and notes) are all right there. Next, I have used Google Presentations to have students work on presentations and they share with me so I can monitor their work as they create the project. Students can get feedback as they work rather than waiting until the project is over and graded. Students in my class often do exit tickets to show me if they understood the lesson. I can easily create a Google form, share the link on my website, and students use their iPads to enter their responses. Google Drive to save documents and photos is a no-brainer because there is tons of storage and additional is very inexpensive. I am sure to download and save as a PDF document and then share the link so that students may access files from any computer or tablet. I have used Google Presentations for presentations that I have given with a group of teachers. I was able to make changes on page 10 while page 6 was being presented by another instructor. When I was up and ready to present the changes were already applied and there was no need to open a new presentation. Magic! I hope these ideas will inspire you to give Google Chrome a try. 

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How to use Google Chrome in the classroom to assess student work and to plan lessons with colleagues.

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