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Google Drive Collaborative Folders

Google Drive Collaborative Folders

Author: teresa simmons

1. Students will create a Google Drive folder to organize their artifacts.

2. Students will collect artifacts (video, images, notes, lab reports, etc.) to be used in an electronic portfolio and upload these to Google Drive

3. Students will share folders with other students in order to create a team repository of artifacts to be used.

4. Students will  organize uploaded items into Google Drive folders, set sharing permissions on folders,copy artifacts from folders shared, and move items to various folders without deleting the work of others.

Students created folders and began the organization  of their electronic portfolio artifacts during class time and they will continue to do so independently. The video  reviews information from class and demonstrates how students can share their work within small groups and yet protect items within the folders from being deleted. Students will share folders within a small team and with their teacher. The video will guide the students on their journey of artifact organization so they can use class time to reflect upon skills learned and to ask questions regarding the content of the work when in the classroom.

Ultimately, students will use the artifacts organized within their Google Drive folders to create an electronic portfolio using Google Sites. The video is designed to help students prepare the artifacts for the creation of the portfolio using Google Sites.

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Google Drive Folders and Artifacts

Short video summarizes how to upload and organize artifacts to be used for an electronic portfolio.