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Google My Maps

Google My Maps

Author: Kelli Wilson

Resources and tips for using and creating Google My Maps in the classroom.

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Google My Maps Basic Tutorial

Google My Maps in the Classroom presentation

Slide deck shows you how to add place holders, layers, images, etc. plus provides links for different ways others are using in the classroom.

Math Maps

Awesome resource that includes interactive My Maps with math activities.

Math Maps

Source: Blog by Tom Barrett

Google My Maps in the Classroom-- more inspiration

What’s especially great about using My Maps, is that it works just like Google docs in terms of sharing, and finding your maps. Maps that you create are stored in your Google drive, and ones that are shared with you can't be found in the same place. Like with google docs, you can share editing privileges with others, and even embed the map into websites. Read more.


Source: #EdTech Tips & Tools