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Google Sheets Conditional Formatting

Google Sheets Conditional Formatting

Author: Zachary Waycott
  • I will be able to use conditional formatting to grade multiple test questions at once.
  • I will be able to use conditional formatting to change the font color of cells based on their content.

Conditional formatting is a very useful part of all spreadsheet programs if used properly. We will begin with a common use by teachers which is to grade. After this opening lesson we will use conditional formatting to create more complex items such as color coded lists of point leaders. Giving gold, silver, and bronze backgrounds based on which place a person is in.

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Google Spreadsheet Conditional Formatting

This video gives a short run down of the basics of conditional formatting.


Try it yourself

  1. As we have done in the past I would like you to create a short quiz using Google Forms.
  2. Send this quiz to each student in your class.
  3. When all students have taken your quiz responses in Google Sheets
  4. Use conditional formatting to give correct answers green backgrounds and incorrect answers red backgrounds.