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Google Sheets Formatting - Spending Diary

Google Sheets Formatting - Spending Diary

Author: Kellie Polando

With this tutorial you will learn how to create and modify Google Sheets. Sheets that are thoughtfully created and formatted are easier to read and understand.

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Instructions - Read Carefully for Understanding

This is a flipped lesson. You will be watching a video with instructions on how to edit and format in Google Sheets. You will be responsible for LEARNING the editing techniques demonstrated in this video. Unlike watching a video at home, using a video as a learning tool requires you to actively participate in the learning as you watch the video. Here are some suggestions/strategies you should try as you watch.

  • Watch and Listen to the video. Think about what you are seeing and what I am explaining to you in the video.
  • Take notes as you are watching the video. (pause the video)
  • Pause the video and think about what was said and done.
  • Pause the video and practice what was demonstrated in the video
  • Many students find it helpful to watch and Listen to the video completely one time then watch it again from the beginning (pausing to practice the skills being taught)
  • Do not skip around the video. You will miss important details that are being explained