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Google Sites:  How to Manage your Site with Colors & Fonts

Google Sites: How to Manage your Site with Colors & Fonts

Author: Denise Leong

The purpose behind this tutorial is to give you some options on how to improve the look of your Google Site.

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This tutorial will cover:

  • How to create a site
  • How to "Manage Site"
  • Under the "More" pull down menu... Colors & Fonts
    • Horizontal Navigation & Drop Down Options
    • Content Area
    • Site Header
    • Entire Page

How to Create a Google Site

Creating a Google Site is very easy.  For the purpose of this tutorial, watch this short video and then create your own site.



How to Eliminate the "Search" option

This short video will show you how to eliminate the Search option from you Google Site.  This is nice to do if your site is only a couple of pages or if you have nice pictures that are being blocked on your header.


Now go to your practice site and remove the search option.

Entire Page

Now that you have created your site, I want you to watch this video on how to start personalizing your site.  The "More" pull down menu will give you many options, but we are going to focus on Colors & Fonts in this tutorial:

  • Beginning with the section that covers the "Entire Page"
    • Background Colors / images
    • Page Fonts
    • Page Link colors

Watch this video

Go ahead and practice on your practice Google Site.  Try to experiment with changing colors, adding images, etc.

and then watch this video too!!!

Site Header

In this section of the tutorial, we are going to focus on the Site Header found at the top of your Google Site.  Much like the entire pare, we can make adjustments to:

  • the color, size and font of the title
  • background colors or images

Watch this video and then practice on your site.

Content Area

The content area is the area of the website that most people are looking at when viewing your site.  I have added some font to the "Home" page and have also created a 2nd page for Geese.

In this section we are going to focus on these parts of content:

  • Content font, size and color
  • Content title font, size and color
  • Content headers
  • Content background color / image

Watch this video and then practice making some changes to the content on your practice Google Site.

Remainder of Colors & Fonts

I am hoping that you have been able to follow along so far and you are picking up on how this section of the "Manage Site" applies to your Google Site.  There are still 5 more sections to Colors & Fonts:

  • Content Area Gadgets
  • Sidebar Gadgets
  • Navigation Gadgets **
  • Horizontal Navigation
  • Horizontal Navigation Drop Down

On the previous video, I showed you where the sidebar is located.  On this video, I am going to show you how to modify these navigation gadgets that are located on the sidebar.  Really all these do is change the font and the background color.

After watching, I want you to make the changes to your navigation gadgets - both page background and text color.

All Done!!

Its been a pleasure putting this tutorial together for Denise. Now that you are finished with it, I am confident you can make modifications to your Google Site so that it looks the way you want it to.  Without a doubt, I am sure it will look better than mine :)

Good Luck!!!!!