Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup

Author: Dawn Bressler

Learning Objectives:
• Gain and understanding of Google SketchUp and introduce you to modeling terminology and concepts.
• Learn how to begin a new project in Google SketchUp and introduce you to tools and concepts
necessary to design and draw.
• Grasp and appreciation for viewing and presenting models in 3D to clients and design team members.
• Gain knowledge of the benefits and uses of 3D modeling and how they are applicable to your design

This tutorial is an introduction to 3D modeling for use to enhance the classroom using Google SketchUp. See
how this fun to use and easy to learn software can be implement throughout a project. SketchUp bridges
the gap between 2D drawing and 3D modeling by enabling you to draw using familiar pencil and paper
paradigm in a software context

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Google Sketch up

A brief tutorial on the basics of google sketch up.

Source: youtube.com